Teacher Ellen

Chief Teacher and Teaching Director

Ellen, a foreign teacher from the Philippines, graduated from the top three church universities in the Philippines. She speaks English as her mother tongue and has more than 20 years of ESL English teaching experience. She has trained hundreds of students one-on-one and obtained TESOL, TEFL and TEYL certificates. Worked as an engineer, businessman, etc. As a beginner of English, Ellen has enough experience and patience to make you interested in English; For English learners with a certain foundation, Ellen can use her rich life experience to let students talk about all aspects of life, study and work in English, and learn English while communicating in depth。


Business Business English

Fluency in English has become an indispensable skill in the workplace. Our business English course, through vivid business situational conversations and classic and practical functional sentence patterns, enables you to be in the classroom and quickly master the essentials of business spoken English. The topics of the course are classic and practical, the exercises are skillfully set, and the sentence patterns are rich and varied, which will help students improve their business conversation skills in a short time. Enroll>>>


The one-to-one teaching and simulation of the real IELTS questions will enable you to enter the IELTS oral test status in advance.We have a comprehensive IELTS real question bank. The teacher can simulate the real situation in the examination room, give targeted guidance according to your level, and correct your mistakes in real time, so that your IELTS oral performance can be improved in a short time. Enroll>>>

Classic Classic English

Following the classic English courses used for many years, students' English ability is improved from vocabulary to pronunciation. The course covers a wide range of contents and is suitable for students of all ages. If there is no special course requirements, Classic English is the best choice. Enroll>>>

Junior Junior English

For beginners of English, it is more important to cultivate their interest in English learning, so that they no longer feel that learning English is a boring thing. Our self-developed primary English course, with the addition of scene teaching in life, and the vivid explanation of various kinds of knowledge by teachers, allows our students to feel the fun of English learning in a short time, so that they can be more active in contacting English and speak English more boldly. Enroll>>>

Kids Kids English

Courses are set for children of different ages. The whole curriculum is designed and created by experienced English experts, taking full account of children's educational and psychological characteristics. Based on the European teaching standards, the curriculum is based on the European Common Language Reference Standard (CEFR). The teacher is lively in class, and carries out various scene based teaching according to children's preferences, so that children can learn English happily in play. Enroll>>>

Our Teachers

We are a group of trained, certified and experienced Online Teachers having years of background in teaching ESL ( English as a Second Language ) from all age spectrums. We also have a plan to open up classes for languages such as Spanish and Hebrew. Feel free to check out our website for this announcement.

Our Vision

Our aim is to have a simplified way for students to learn and practice their preferred languages and to have it easily accessible anywhere in the world.

Our Platform

We have launched our simple and easy to use class reservation tool.

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